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interior detailing sprays


  1. Traps dirt at the bottom of bucket.
  2. Grid surface scrapes dirt out of mitt or sponge.
  3. Cleans mitts, brushes, towels and other washing utensils.
  4. Protects painted surfaces from being scratched.
metal polishing supplies


$79.85 $63.88
INCLUDES 1- Grit Guard Bucket InserT 1- Long Handled Tire Scrub Brush 1- Microfiber Wash Mitt 1- 16 oz Purple Haze Snow Foam Soap/Wash and Wax Protectant Soap. Will leave your vehicle with that wet, deep shine that you strive for. 1-  1000 gsm 20"x28" Drying Microfiber Towel 1- Snow Foam Cannon Foam Lance
zephyr metal polish


$87.97 $70.38
Includes 1- 4 inch Drill Carpet Brush 1- leather and Alcantara Cleaning Brush 1- 16 oz Pro 50 Multi-Surface Cleaner and Descaler 1- 16 oz Pro 39 Conditioner and Protectant 1- Detailing 3 Brush Set 25- 245 gsm Microfiber towels  
maxshine polishing pads

Maxshine 1″,2″,3″ Foam Polishing Kit

Maxshine 1", 2", 3" Ultimate Car Care Foam Polishing Pad Kit includes: 1x Plate Backing Pad 1x Wool Pad 1x Green Cutting Foam Pad 1x Yellow Polishing Foam Pad 1x White Finishing Foam Pad Maxshine Ultimate Car Care Foam Polishing Pad Kit will provide the special and unique experience in auto detailing for you, all these small size backing plate, foam pads, wool pads in one package with carefully and thoughtfully select save the time for you and make your detailing simpler and easier.
maxshine detailing brushes

Maxshine 100% Lambswool Detailing Duster with Wooden Handle

Material: 100% lambswool & wooden handle Wool head length: 11.8 inches Handle length: 12.5 inches Intended Purpose: Remove light dust from automotive finishes without swirling or scratching. Constructed of a 100% lambswool head and a finished wood shaft, the MaxShine Lambswool duster is perfect for removing light dust from a clean, garaged vehicle before a show. Much more intelligently designed than its competition, the lambswool duster safely removes dust by relying on a static charge rather than scratch-inducing friction. The duster is designed for repeat use, and can be cleaned with a mild soap, water and hung dry from the convenient leather storage loop.
microfiber towels

Maxshine 1000GSM 20″x28″ “Big Red” Drying Microfiber Towel

1. Unique super-soft microfiber, long service life 2. Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free 3. Strong decontamination, high water absorption 4. Hard invariant, wide range of use 5. Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester-20% Polyamide-100% Microfiber Size: 20x28inch
maxshine products

Maxshine 3″,5″,6″ Interface Pad

1. Work with backing plate for da or high speed sanding 2. Hook and Loop 3. Made with the extra-soft foam layer
maxshine buffing pads

Maxshine 3″,5″,6″ Long Fibered-Wool Cutting Pad

1. Professional Dual Action Wool Pad, perfect for DA Polisher 2. The innovative disk design looks more secure, and also much better in heat dissipation 3. Working with high-cut wax to aggressively remove scratches and oxidation, reduces the swirls and leaves a gloss finish 4. To remove fine scratches and swirls from a painted surface produced from improper washing or drying techniques 5. Thick consistent fiber and nap-height and density, which ensures the fineness and durability of the pad. Good stability, small shrink, long lasting, non-scratch the surface
Maxshine Dual Action Backing Plate

Maxshine 3″,5″,6″ Dual Action Backing Plate

1. High quality velcro backed, idea for dual action polisher. 2. Shaped by injection moulding, with high rebound resilience and durability. 3. Suit for high speed polishing, sanding and with good thermal endurance. 4. Max speed: 10000/min.
microfiber towels

Maxshine 380GSM 16″x16″ Edgeless Polish Removal Microfiber Towel (5-Pack)

1. Unique super-soft microfiber, long service life 2. Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free 3. Strong decontamination, high water absorption 4. With medium pile on both sides, can be used effectively wet or dry 5. The 5PCS set is very convenient for you to use Thickness: 380 GSM Size: 16″x16″ Package: 5 piece per pack
detailing microfibers

Maxshine 45 Degree Angle Microfiber Wheel Brush

Unique 45-degree design offer you the best experience of wheel detailing It can clean wheels and vehicle grills, spokes, door jams, engine areas, and other tight locations The dense microfiber plush enough to work well with soapy water and long enough to reach into deep wheel wells Lint-free and simple to rinse with soap and water and shake dry or air dry, so clean up is simple and effortless Size: Length: 22 in; Handle Length: 6in; Handle Dia: 2in