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microfiber towels


Size:16 x 16 Inches (41 cm x 41 cm) Color: Yellow Blend:80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide Material Weight:245 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) Border/Edging:Ultrasonic Cut Edge Material:100% Split Microfiber Recommended Uses:
  • All-Purpose Cleaning of Vehicles, Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Pets and More.
  • Perfect For Removal of Ceramic Coatings, Compound and Polish
  • Interior Cleaning - All Surfaces Including Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Carpet, Metal, Wood and More
  • Lightweight 245gsm Design = Easier To Reach Tight SpacesLooking for an Excellent Quality, Value-Priced, Soft, Durable, Lightweight, EDGELESS All-Purpose Terry Microfiber Towel? With an endless amount of different uses, microfiber terry towels are the #1 choice for Cleaning, Scrubbing, Dusting, Mopping, Drying, Detailing, and Wiping just about ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME you need Dust, Dirt and Germs ELIMINATED.

Microfiber Care Instructions

  • Always wash new microfiber towels prior to first use.
  • Wash only with other non-linting materials (NO Cotton!) to maintain proper dirt-gripping properties.
  • Always wash newer black, orange, red, and other dark colored towels separately from lighter colored towels to mitigate the risk of dye bleeding.
  • Machine wash with mild liquid detergent (free of dyes, fragrances, bleach and softeners.)
  • Do NOT use chlorine bleach
  • Do NOT use any fabric softener as this clogs the microfibers and reduces performance.
  • Tumble dry using low heat.
  • Do NOT iron.
microfiber towels

Maxshine 1000GSM 20″x28″ “Big Red” Drying Microfiber Towel

1. Unique super-soft microfiber, long service life 2. Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free 3. Strong decontamination, high water absorption 4. Hard invariant, wide range of use 5. Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester-20% Polyamide-100% Microfiber Size: 20x28inch
microfiber towels

Maxshine 380GSM 16″x16″ Edgeless Polish Removal Microfiber Towel (5-Pack)

1. Unique super-soft microfiber, long service life 2. Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free 3. Strong decontamination, high water absorption 4. With medium pile on both sides, can be used effectively wet or dry 5. The 5PCS set is very convenient for you to use Thickness: 380 GSM Size: 16″x16″ Package: 5 piece per pack
microfiber towels

Maxshine Glass “Clean and Dry” Premium Microfiber Towel 16″x24″/40cmx60cm – 400GSM Waffle

1. Waffle weave construction, premium soft microfiber, extra hand feel 2. Extremely durable, ability to withstand hundreds of washing, getting softer with each use 3. Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free, strong decontamination, high water absorption 4. Premium professional microfiber glass, window, mirror, and chrome towel 5. Yellow with green silk border, thickness: 400g/㎡ Wide range of use. Suitable for drying car surfaces or any other any car care activities Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide, 100% Microfiber
microfiber towels

Maxshine Microfiber Waxing/Sealant Applicator – Blue

Soft grey hexagon foam – nonabrasive and safe to use on all paint work Hard blue foam – easy to grip to apply wax or sealants Perfect size for easy grip and for use on the whole car Can be used to apply any protection such as wax, sealants and pastes 5.11×3.93×1.77inch
metal polishing and detailing

Maxshine Soft Foam UFO Waxing/Sealant Applicator

1. UFO shape saves more time to polish every inch of interior and outerior 2. Laser-cut edges is more extensive to reach tight areas 3. Perfectly works with your wax, cream, protectants, dressing, etc 4. Dia.: 4.33inch , Thickness: 0.79inch. Washable and reusable