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surface prep disc for polishing

10″ Buff & Blend Surface Prep Disc

  • This quick surface prep disc will cut your sanding time in half. Use instead of your early sanding steps, then go to our Satin airway before polishing
  • Zephyr’s Buff & Blend  10″  2-PLY Disc
zephyr satin buffing wheel

10″ Satin Airway Buffing Wheel

  • Use these for medium to heavy surface preparation.
zephyr blue baron clear dip heavy wheel

Blue Baron Clear Dip 10″

  • Very Heavy Cutting
  • Mill treated cloth, chemically dipped
  • For iron, steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • 5/8” arbor hole – 10″ wheel
  • Suggested rouge bars: 87 Stainless, Tripoli